Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bar crawl

This pic was taken at our infamous evening out at night-town a while back. However, this does pretty much sum up last night. Something i have come to learn: Once you're 21, you won't get carded. 


Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I've been really bored with vogue lately. My sister used to get a subscription that i would anticipate every month. The two of us discussed important topics like Maggie Rizer (where has she gone?) and Donna Karen's goddess creations. The last page with the featured item used to be my favorite. There was one in particular that was a suede fringed oversized bag that they referred to as the bag your babysitter had when you were young. It smelled of lipsmackers and cigarettes.  In recent times, even if i see a cover i would be interested in (like the super awesome blake lively recently), i won't buy it because i know my mom will have hers saved up for me when i go home. This month's may cover featuring models has gotten me excited for the first time in forever. 


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Please Please Me: shoes

I constantly feel peer-pressured to have more shoes. Growing up in California, I never needed anything beyond my 10+ varieties of havaianas (a unique color for any possible outfit.) Getting older has been tough...need heals. Who knew that real winters require actual toe coverage!? So, I've diversified beyond summer dresses, short-shorts and sandals. I've been infected with shoe fascination (atleast it's not swine flu.) And with God as my witness, my shoe collection will indeed exceed yours.

My utopia: witty dad during the day, babealicious at night.
Topshop can fulfill your fantasies too>>>>>>

Tunes to provide your feet some solace on the walk from the library to the discotheque:
Neil Young- Old Man
Gui Boratto- Beautiful Life


old skool

When M and I lived together sophomore year, we divided the front door with pics of her on the left, and me on the right. Obviously, the majority of these aren't us. The door garnered lots of interesting teen-vogue cut-outs and marc jacobs ads. Please note the wheel of passion above the peep hole. 

The last few days have felt like summer vacation. The hot soccer players are practicing on the field, M and i made smoothies and chilled outside, and there are actual people on the street. Tomorrow night is our first class event as seniors. Hot Dam. 


Wednesday, April 22, 2009


This is a Pic I took summer 08' in Urbino. The sky in Cleveland is looking pretty much like this, but without the medieval architecture. It actually hailed this morning.
Things I like Today:
-the cute policeman i saw today
-dreams of summer


Sunday, April 19, 2009

party time

well, i was planning on taking lots of pictures from our birthday party on friday, but i got a little distracted. In the end, fun was had by all and it was a great night. These pics are from j's bday last weekend. 

Only one more week of classes, and then its finals followed by summer vacation. Not to be a total cheeze-ball, but this year went by really fast. Now all i have to do is finish a million papers and pull some all nighters. 
I love college  has been the theme song of the weekend. scratch that, the year. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

erin wasson x RVCA

Opening Ceremony finally has these jeans which I have shamefully wanted for months now. I feel like if I actually got them, i would get bored really soon though. Erin can make anything look awesome. I know I don't have that skill.

Monday, April 13, 2009


RUSSH editorial, Sept. 2008

Check out Calvin Klein spring 2008 RTW to see Karlie in all her fierce runway glory. It's also cool to represent a nice girl from the midwest, who happens to be drop dead gorgeous. 

Things I like today:
- Wu Tang 


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bad Ass

Style Icon:

I miss Daria. I used to upload these screen savers on the family comp. with all the characters dancing to soul train. Of all the cartoon crushes, trent was such a G. Long live Mystic Spiral, and the sweet sweet 90's. 
Oh MTV, you have gone down the hills. 


Cake finale

Everyone should turn 21 with a red velvet b-day cake. or a gelato cake.
Perks to living close to a Little Italy: dessert options.


Down-down-down-download it:

Friday, April 10, 2009

2 parties, 1 night

and so the epic birthday parties begin...
we had to hit up R's b-day party first, and then head over to 115th to see some peeps who were in town for the weekend. Stopped by the mall to pick up some trashy/awesome b-day dresses for next week's 21st extravaganza. Got to pick up cake and booze for next weeks shindig but then tomorrow nite is j's b-day party. i expect it will be baller. 
I can't wait to wear this hilarious/sexified pink bondage dress i picked up today. 
Maybe this late nite rant will continue in the morning...
time for take-out.


Above Ground


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lamb Chop and the Fantastic Mr. Fox

Crazy Easter Cakes from today:



Today M and I went to the bakery to pick out a cake for j's b-day. After we argued over decorations (and ended up on a martini glass for the big 2-1), we stopped by another place to discover that they had red velvet. Unfortunately we had to cancel our first order, but kept the decor. 

After we stopped for some delicious mexican food. I finally tried hot sauce. 

Things I like today:
-hazelnut gelato



I guess the Midwest is not actually so different from home...


Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Alexander Wang 2009

Lara Stone from an Italian Vogue editorial Dec. 2008.

Lara's sexy messy style is effortless. I only hope that I look this cool when sulking outside in doorways. I'm thinking that some staples for summer may be crisp white button downs and lots of grey (as in these sweet Alexander Wang shorts, see above). No makeup. 

Speaking of Grey, I can't wait for the Grey Gardens biopic, despite Drew. 


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What the midwest has to offer (and I do welcome with open arms):

--Chi-town. structurally beautiful.

--Seriously motivated sorority girls trying to take us back to a coast, Hey Arnold-style. <3


It's like every Frost poem

Some thoughts on Cleveland style:

Despite my hate of sweatpants and shoes, the constant snow makes it near impossible to dress nicely. I am sick of boots and sweatshirts, but alas it snowed heavily all day today. 

Things I like today:
-Broccoli and Cheddar Soup
-Flip Flops