Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I've been really bored with vogue lately. My sister used to get a subscription that i would anticipate every month. The two of us discussed important topics like Maggie Rizer (where has she gone?) and Donna Karen's goddess creations. The last page with the featured item used to be my favorite. There was one in particular that was a suede fringed oversized bag that they referred to as the bag your babysitter had when you were young. It smelled of lipsmackers and cigarettes.  In recent times, even if i see a cover i would be interested in (like the super awesome blake lively recently), i won't buy it because i know my mom will have hers saved up for me when i go home. This month's may cover featuring models has gotten me excited for the first time in forever. 


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  1. I'm not such a big fan of American Vogue either... haven't even opened one up in months!

    Yeah shake shack is so ridiculously yummy. I've never tried their meat burgers though because I don't eat meat but I think their vegetarian burger is really one of the best I've ever had!