Sunday, April 26, 2009

Please Please Me: shoes

I constantly feel peer-pressured to have more shoes. Growing up in California, I never needed anything beyond my 10+ varieties of havaianas (a unique color for any possible outfit.) Getting older has been tough...need heals. Who knew that real winters require actual toe coverage!? So, I've diversified beyond summer dresses, short-shorts and sandals. I've been infected with shoe fascination (atleast it's not swine flu.) And with God as my witness, my shoe collection will indeed exceed yours.

My utopia: witty dad during the day, babealicious at night.
Topshop can fulfill your fantasies too>>>>>>

Tunes to provide your feet some solace on the walk from the library to the discotheque:
Neil Young- Old Man
Gui Boratto- Beautiful Life


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