Monday, July 20, 2009

girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes

inspiration: teen vogue editorial.
This is from a while ago, but i still love it. I would say the boys are cute, but i bet they are something like 16, which would make me totally creepy. I still have this dreamy vision of wearing white dresses all summer. 
The weather has finally been amazing on a regular basis, so i've been taking advantage by going to the beach, riding on the back of my sister's vespa, and eating dinner outside every night. Even went to a minor league baseball game, which was a trip and a half. Go Bluefish!


  1. wow! beautiful photos.


  2. wow. wish you could see my outfit today. black tights, black peep-toe flats, dark grey dress, black cashmere sweater. black pearls and a black hobo bag. and of course, loads of black mascara. i cannot decide if i am shaming you or making you proud ;]