Saturday, July 18, 2009

i heart the 90's

so, I know M will prob. make fun of me, but i've been seriously contemplating these boots. What I love about them (besides how awesomely 90's they are), is that I would be able to wear them with tiny mini-dresses now, and then into the shitty mid-west winter with skinny jeans. Then again, maybe the print is just too dam much. Hmmmmm...
In other news, I got a shot at the dr., and being afraid of needles, decided to take myself shopping after as a consolation. I picked up amazing shoes (to be seen here later), hat for the winter, and a flimsy t-shirt (almost sheer).
Last night the dad and i went out for the best french dinner ever. I wish i took pictures. 

1 comment:

  1. i heart those docs! they are kind of hilarious, but i do like them! my german/indonesian (sort of like me) friend here at work wears her docs with dresses. soooo cool!!!!