Wednesday, August 5, 2009

the aviator

So, i've been looking into purchasing a pair of sunnies that aren't 5 bucks from the street and will break in a week. I've gotten so sick of the wayfarer craze, which is unfortunate, because i honestly believe they are quite flattering. I've been thinking about the aviators, which according to my estimations, aren't exactly in style, yet will always kind of be in style. It's the connecticut way over here. Everyone always looks pulled together, but don't really follow any distinct trends... could be nice on vacation while wearing only black bikinis and wide brim hats.. 
On that note, i was previously looking into a pair of perfectly circular shades, a la john lennon, but then read an article in the NYT sunday styles about how they are the next wayfarer type trend. Blast. 

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