Friday, August 21, 2009

the journey

So I am currently in the car sending out my lost thoughts to my dear observate and our many (haha) readers via le new blackberry. So after a lovely week at the beach down south where I feasted on pulled pork, collared greens and lots of seafood, and eventually got really burned, my flight home got cancelled. In an attempt to get home, the dad decided to rent a car and drive home. His car of choice was naturally a white p.t. Cruiser. The only thing to do really is laugh at the whole situation. I'm feeling sad right now over the uncertainty that lies ahead of me. I'm feeling homesick, as npr plays down home jazzy 20's blues. Some reccomendations to other lonely, maybe miffed bloggers out there: julie and julia which is basically two hours of my two loves: meryl and french cuisine, dress your family in denim and corduroy by david sedaris, and anything by charlie parker. Who needs a lover when you've got them?? Sweet dreams, A

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